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The house is the place where we spend part of the time we have available, where we place our daily life made up of all the things that the mind, heart and soul prepare for us… a place to live with love, indeed! From this consideration comes Casadamare, which wants to evoke the sense of attention and care for the beautiful things that we love and belong to us!

Casadamare can be read as a house to love but also as a place by the sea, a house by the sea.
A name that reflects my love for the sea, especially the Abruzzo coast where I was born and raised.

A few words about me…

I left the sea as a young man, I have dedicated a good part of my life to the teaching profession in various schools in the Valtellina. Thus I was able to appreciate the beauty of its mountains, the serious and coherent dedication to work of the people of Valtellina and their respectful welcome for those arriving from outside; here I found love and started a family!

Precisely from the need to be close to the family, after a few years of marketing activities around the world, I decided to reinvent myself professionally and open a local business that would allow me to satisfy my need for human contacts, to do something pleasant and important for others!

I have been a Real Estate Agent since 2004 and I opened an agency in Upper Lake Como, on the border with Valtellina, in the central square of Sorico (CO). This work allows me to render a rewarding service for myself and for my clients, to experience the wonders of this territory, to interact professionally with operators and valid collaborators in Italy and abroad.

I’m here for you too, I’m waiting for you!
Teo Costantini 

Teo Costantini, owner of Casadamare

Quality services

Thanks to the quality of the services offered, our clientele is made up not only of Italians, but also of many foreigners from various European countries, to whom we offer real estate solutions by the lake, in the mountains and by the sea, throughout Italy. See also the services offered through our partners.